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             Based on blockchain and distributed ledger technology, the CXCG Marketplace can offer the safety of eBay or Amazon but with ultra-low fees. Sellers will be able to list goods for free as long as they are active business users with a cxcg merchant account. The cxcg Marketplace offers a decentralized blockchain based rating system for users, merchants and businesses so those they have traded with can offer feedback to ensure trust and reliability. There will also be a ratings and reviews system for verified purchasers of products. The ratings system will be much more detailed and granular than traditional platforms, enabling reviews of the entire supply chain and the components of a product. Standard fees will be no more than 3 percent, but as little as 0.1 per cent for high volume/high-trust users, or totally offset under the cxcg Rewards program. Our goal is to partner with major retailers to list their products and use blockchain verification of their supply chain to ensure transparency so that consumers can select goods based on environmental considerations, or the labor conditions under which the goods were produced. We believe that giving consumers more information and power can help the marketplace drive ethical consumption.


            CXCG will offer an easy-to-use, low-cost solution for businesses and organizations of all sizes, allowing merchants to accept the currency of their choosing (crypto or fiat). This makes them more accessible to new and emerging customers while keeping their operations simple and easy. Transactions occur at a fraction of the usual time, and fees will be multiple times lower than existing competitors. Businesses can implement these payment methods on their existing digital shopfronts or set up online stores on the Nauticus Marketplace to take advantage of even lower transaction fees – as little as 1 percent. Merchants can settle payments instantly, rather than weekly or monthly, and they no longer need to worry about chargebacks and clearance times, all of which ensure more liquidity for their businesses. Owners will also be able to facilitate payments for employees and suppliers via the platform, regardless of the recipient’s desired currency